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Evolve Publisher allows authors to create a beautiful book for ready for print and digital distribution* Go from zero to published in minutes to produce a great-looking book ready for iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or any other major platform.


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Get Evolve Publisher for just $27!
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You will have lifetime access to your book.
We also offer the option to purchase additional books as well as an Enterprise Version.

  Replace all that hassle with our cloud-based service you can get started with right away...

  No more lost manuscripts, overwritten Word files, awkward wikis or cumbersome desktop systems.

  Access your cloud-hosted book project from anywhere, any time via the web and start writing.

  Use social tools and permissions to speed work and keep everything neat.

  Define your own licences and copyright.

  Publish a beautifully designed book to pdf, epub and mobi out-of-the-box.



Evolve Publisher Is Super Easy And Crazy Fast!

Go from zero to published in minutes to produce great-looking book ready for iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or any other major platform.


The clean, intuitive authoring environment lets you concentrate on writing. For images and formatting, just drag-and-drop.
TRACK CHANGES - Review the latest changes and current state of your book chapter by chapter, line by line. You can set “Track Changes” if more than one person contribute and edit your book.
IMPORT MS Word and EPUB files. The structure and assets of your document are preserved.


Authors, editors, and other stakeholders can work and communicate simultaneously, so books come together faster than ever.
Inform your team on the status of your book chapter by chapter. This workflow allows everybody to quickly grasp what’s to be done. Workflows can be customised book by book in the administration view for book owners and publishers.
Each book has its own overview page, which lets you see who's working on it, recent activity and project history.


Evolve Publisher gives you seamless publishing in EPUB, MOBI and PDF format to all major sellers of e-books with one click.
The Evolve Publisher editing screen gives you the tools you need – and nothing more. We've removed unnecessary distractions so you can just concentrate on the writing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How Easy Is the Software to use?
A: Our clean, intuitive authoring environment lets writers concentrate on writing. Just open your browser and start typing. We also have an online knowledge base if you get stuck.

Q: Do I need to Install Anything?
A: No! Evolve Publisher is a complete cloud solution. Access from any device from anywhere.

Can I Give Access to My Editor or Team Members?
A: Multiple authors, editors, proofreaders and other stakeholders can work and communicate simultaneously, which means books come together faster than ever.

Q: What Will My Book Look Like?
A: Marvellous! Evolve Publisher effortlessly renders beautiful fonts, illustrations and tables to pdf, epub, mobi, xhtml for digital distribution or print. Advanced options allow you to choose formats, set ISBN numbers or even apply web-friendly CSS templates for personalized layouts and styles.
* For print you will need to format it using an external application for professional print.

Q: What formats does Evolve Publisher output?
A: Evolve Publisher outputs to pdf, epub, mobi, and xhtml and will export books that are ready for Amazon, iBooks and other print-on-demand or ebook stores.

Q: How does Evolve Publisher format my book?
A: Evolve Publisher takes care of your table of contents, chapters, page numbers, footnotes and all other formatting. And it all looks great, no matter what platform you distribute on.

Q: Is there any ongoing costs?
A: Nope, you have lifetime access to our system for only $27 per book! We offer the option to purchase additional books as well as an Enterprise Version.

Q: How quickly do I get access after I pay?
A: You will receive instant links to the login area, just fill out the email and password and your inside and ready to start.

Q: What if I need Support?
A: Your covered! You will receive access to our email support ticketing system to help you with any questions you may have. All free as part of the service.

Could I use the system to give online access to my book?
A: Yes you can! It's as simple as web link and you can use it to give away or sell an online version of your book. It's not password protected but they would need to know the link to discover it.

No Refund Policy
Please ensure you make an informed decision. We do not offer refunds because of the nature of the product.

Secure Payment
All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.


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